The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been designed to tap into the creative, naughty, social experience which will introduce the spirit of the experience to newbies to the show as well as giving three generations of regular Frankie fans that much needed shiver of antici…


The game will offer a unique take on a rhythm action dancing game by making the most of the touch screen found on tablet and mobile devices; designed to feel sensuous and delightful. Players will be able to create their own dance routines, allowing them to express themselves, and then share that with friends to replicate or even improve.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me starts out with Riff Raff as your avatar on the stage set of a Hunting Lodge for Rich Weirdos (Yah, Rich Weirdos!), swiping on the screen in time with the music to that all time classic song, The Time Warp! Players 'dance' by swiping on the screen with diagonal strokes in time with the music; switching to other gestures at key moments such as double finger swipes to make the pelvic thrust… a move which really drives you insane.

You will then progress through the game, unlocking new songs, characters, dance moves, stage sets and more; with missions, challenges and achievements to keep the game exciting time and time again.

The game is to be released on mobile and tablet platforms in 2017 as a free-to-play experience. It is being developed in collaboration with Andy Leighton, music and games producer of The Rocky Horror Show since it began in the 70's.


We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey…

Two Ordinary Games Industry Veterans and Rocky Horror Fans, Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark, formed Rocket Lolly Games to start working to bring Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show as a new type of rhythm action game for tablet devices and touch screen phones.

Richard O'Brien's 'The Rocky Horror Show' has been the ultimate cult celebration of freedom and acceptance since it first hit the London stage in 1973. At the heart of the experience has always been lovingly satirical references to B-Movie Science Fiction, joy of audience participation and fabulous 3-cord rock & roll.

Over 40 years since its premier the show has appeared it has appeared in Theatres across the world, professional and amateur. In 1975 it spawned a film starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Meatloaf and of course Richard O'Brien himself as Riff Raff.

The film was initially a failure at the box office, but in 1976 an inspired decision was made to put it on as a midnight showing at the Waverly Theatre in New York. Rocky Horror, with its quintessential audience participation, quickly became the world’s first truly Cult film phenomena. The film remains in limited release four decades after its premiere – the longest running theatrical release in film history.

The show’s influence has been incredibly widespread and has been referenced in TV shows from The Simpsons, South Park, Fame, Men In Black, Hawaii Five-O, The Drew Carey Show, That 70s Show, Sesame Street, American Dad as well as Disney’s Phineas and Feb. The TV show Glee notably dedicated the 5th Episode of Series 2 to the Rocky Horror Show.

The Rocky Horror Show – Touch Me is not the first game spawned from the story. The Rocky Horror Show Computer Game was released by Activision in 1985 as a basic adventure game. This was updated in 1999 as The Interactive Rocky Horror Show and was released for PC (it had been planned for Playstation but that didn't arise).

Ella Romanos first met Andy Leighton, the original Music Producer of The Rocky Horror Show, and started exploring the idea of creating a new game. But it wasn't till 2015 that she joined forces with Oscar Clark to found Rocket Lolly Games with a plan to make a Rocky Horror game which would try to recreate the feeling of the theatre show and its unique form of audience participation. Ella & Oscar are both well know game industry veterans and most importantly genuine fans of the show.


  • It’s just a swipe to the left to start creating your own dance routines using your favorite characters and Rocky Horror songs
  • If you want something visual, share your dances with friends, for them to replicate or even improve and beat you at your own dance!
  • Unlock beautiful creatures, outfits, stage sets, songs and more from the show
  • Complete missions and challenges and win achievements for your unique dances
  • With content released regularly, there will always be something new to excite you!
  • The game is free to play and will be available on mobile and tablet, with iOS and Android versions.


Kickstarter Video YouTube

Pre-Alpha Gameplay YouTube


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Selected Articles & Quotes

  • "I have worked with Richard O’Brien on The Rocky Horror Show since it all began. Rocky has been realized as a theatre show, a film and a game before. However, now is the perfect time for it to be reimagined in a way that could only exist on our phones and tablets. Ella and Oscar’s passion for this project makes them the perfect people to bring the experience to a new audience, as well as to those who already love the show!"
    - Andy Leighton, Director of Druidcrest Ltd and music publisher of The Rocky Horror Show,
  • "The designs look great and are very true to the spirit of the original stage show. I can't wait to see how it all progresses, and ultimately toucha-toucha-touch the finished game."
    - Larry Viezel, Rocky Horror Historian and Home of Happiness Cast Director (USA), TRHPS Fan Club
  • "Stephanie and I have met the creators, and have even seen some of the initial
artwork and renders for the game, and it's looking great so far. The designers of
the game have a genuine love of the show and are fans themselves, so we are
really looking forward to seeing the game in all its glory."
    - David Freeman, Timewarp UK Rocky Horror Fan Club

Press Release 27 April 2016
Kickstarter For Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me! Download.

Press Release 24 March 2016
Come Up to The Lab & See What's on The Tab Download.

Press Release 7 March 2016
Bringing Riff Raf to Life Download.

Press Release 17 February 2016
Richard O’Brien's The Rocky Horror Show announced as a new game for 2017 Download.

About Rocket Lolly Games

Rocket Lolly Games Ltd was founded in 2015 in the UK, by Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark, to focus on games based on licenced IP. The team is working on their first title for The Rocky Horror Show, due for release by 2017.

Founder Biographies

Ella Romanos

Ella began working in games in 2008, after graduating from university and setting up game developer Remode with fellow graduate Martin Darby. Having come from a programming and user experience design background, Ella was CEO of Remode for 6 years, building a studio of 20 people. In 2014, Ella and Martin made the decision to close Remode, to focus on building their own games. Since then Ella has split her time between her studios (Strike Gamelabs and Rocket Lolly Games) and providing strategic support as a consultant to other developers and organisations, focused primarily on finance and production.

Ella regularly contributes to the UK games industry through her position on the UKIE board and chair of the UKIE developer group, regularly speaking at industry events and writing articles published by various games press. Over the last 5 years she has been awarded finalist in the 'Innovator Of The Year' category for Women In Technology Awards, named in Develop's 'Top 30 under 30', been a finalist in the TIGA Awards Leadership category, been twice listed in MCV' UK Top 100 Women in Games and has been nominated as 'Business Woman on the Year' in the 2016 MCV UK Women in Games Awards.

Oscar Clark

Oscar Clark is an Author, Consultant and Evangelist with Unity Technologies. A pioneer in social games services since 1998. He provided 'vision' for one of the first Online games communities (Wireplay - British Telecom); was global lead for games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK); Home Architect for PlayStation Home; and evangelist for Beijing based social mobile platform Papaya Mobile.

Oscar has a long history of innovation in both developing for new platforms and game monetisation rooted from the earliest days of connected play. In 2003 he masterminded 3UK's mobile games platform which included the first mobile IAP and Variable Pricing models. By 2005 across all UK mobile networks this platform delivered 68% of the downloads, 45% of the revenue representing just 5% of the UK audience.

Beyond this his experience in the design, planning, development, launch and operations of Games As A Service means his unique experience is in high demand. He has provided advice to a wide range of teams including: Jagex, Kiloo, Exient, and EA.

He is an outspoken speaker, mentor and author on Monetisation and Social Freemium Games Design and is also the Evangelist for Everyplay & Unity Ads with Unity Technologies. His first book, 'Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games', was published by Focal Press.

The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me Credits

Ella Romanos
Chief List Maker

Oscar Clark
Chief of Curiosity

Simon Barratt
Tech Director

SockMonkey Studios
Development Team

Magpie Studios
3D Characters & Animations

Terry Whittingham
3D Environments

Nat Al-Tahhan

Gavin Harrison
Audio and SFX

Jay Roerade
2D Art and Illustration

Leading Light Design
Concept Art

Elizabeth Olson

Laura Horton

Aaron Burdett
Community Management



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